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Scissors should be wiped thoroughly at the end of each day with a soft cloth. Open the scissor carefully and place a drop of oil on your fingertips and wipe all surfaces. Place an additional drop of oil around the screw or adjuster knob. Carefully open and close the scissor several times to work the oil into the screw area.

In our opinion, there is no 'perfect' clipper on the market. If you are a full time groomer doing a minimum of 5 dogs per day and using only one clipper, that clipper will need to be replaced once a year. The problem with all clippers is that manufacturers design them to run fast; however, because of the speed they don't have enough 'torque' or 'power' to shear off the hair. This is one reason why so many people have problems with blades.

Oster Clippers: Remove the end cap weekly to remove hair, check and grease monthly under name plate and replace drive lever every two (2) months. Replace the link every four (4) months.
Andis Clippers: Replace the drive lever once a month; replace hinge every four (4) months; check brushes monthly. On AGC models, make sure the hook on the blade latch is not broken off.
Wahl Clippers: KM-2 Model, change drive lever every two months; Switchblade, change drive tip every month.

Clipper Blades:
Clipper blades must be cleaned daily with a brush to keep hair out of the teeth. They must also be oiled, keeping a film of oil on the entire blade including between the teeth. Storing your blades in a commercially available solution is recommended. We do not recommend storing blades in Blade Wash. Although Blade Wash is a good commercial cleaner, it does not lubricate the blade. 

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