Curve vs Ultimate Super Curve

Precision Sharp does what no other sharpener or scissor company does by giving you additional options on the curve of the blade on your scissor.  This will briefly explain the differences to help insure you order the correct style for your specific application.  This is available on the Precise Cut "G" Series - German Line as well as the PC2 that are proudly made in the USA.  Give us a call if you would like a custom curve on your current other brand shears.  Randy can customize most shears with Rockwell less than 56.  


Standard Curve

What we call the "standard" curve is the average curve that most shears have when they are completed in the manufacturing process.  many manufacturers use a stamping die that gives the blade a slight curve.  The curve differs among shears based on how the die is made.  The smaller the radius, the larger the curve will be; hence, most curved blades are made with a larger radius die. The harder the Rockwell, 


the lesser the curve will generally be because they are harder to bend and easier to break when formed. Rockwell in the range of 57 and above utilize different processes and for the most part have smaller curves.

Big Curve - As you can see, the "Big" curve has a much larger curve radius than the "standard".  This is because each scissor is hand-bent by Randy using a smaller stamping die.  The shank of the shear is still straight; but has a larger curve than the standard.


"ULTIMATE" SUPER CURVE - The super curve has not only the blade curved, but the shanks as well to provide you with the Ultimate curve.  When curving with the stamping dies, both the handle and the blade die have the same radius. pc2-super-curve.jpg