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We offer a full range of sharpening and repair services. Specializing in Japanese, razor-edge shears and when requested serration restored on German styles. A Micro-Tech process, developed by Randy Lowe, for optimum performance. Ceramic blades and cutters NO PROBLEM for us! We also sharpen the Wahl 5 in 1 Bravura/Chromada/Arco Blades.

Click here and use this handy form for sending service work


(prices can vary based on services needed to correct nicks, alignment for wear and tear, etc.)

44/20 $8.00-$14.00   Geib: Super Gator $12.00
Affordable Grooming Shears $10.00 - $16.00   Geib: Titan Poodle $16.00
Aussie Dog $12.00   Heritage (Beveled Edge) $8.00
Beveled Edge (Most) $8.00   Heritage (Convex Edge) $12.00
C-MON $8.00   Kenchii: 5 Star $14.00
Convex Edge (Most) $12.00-$35.00   Kenchii: Other $16.00
Evolution $16.00   Kenchii: Scorpion $12.00
Freebird $16.00   Les Poochs $35.00
Geib: Avanti $16.00   Master Grooming: Beveled Edge $8.00
Geib: Black Pearl/Diamond $16.00   Master Grooming: Convex $14.00
Geib: Blue Breeze $16.00   Chunkers/Blenders $16.00
Geib: Cheetah $16.00   Oster Scissors $12.00-$14.00
Geib: Croc $10.00   Precise Cut: Beveled Edge $8.00
Geib: Entree $14.00   Precise Cut: Convex $14.00
Geib: Bevel Edge $8.00   Sensei $16.00
eib: Misc Convex $14.00   Shark Fin $20.00
Geib: Slim88 $14.00   Tenyo $16.00
Geib: Super Gator $12.00      
A5 Style (Standard) $5.75/set   Ceramic $6.25/set
5-in-One $6.50   Stewart (83AU & 84AU) $6.50/set
Shearing Comb & Cutter $6.50/set   Wide Blades $6.50/set


Matt Combs, Rakes, Furminator $6.00   Animal Surgical $5.00
Animal Nail Clippers $6.00   Household (including sewing) $6.00
Pinking Shears $6.00   Beauty and Barber (with serrations) $15.00
Beauty and Barber (convex) $21.00   Clipper Repair (Andis & Wahl) We do not service Laube or Oster $25.00 +parts
If you'd like some sharpening or repair work done, please fill out the attached form and send your items to Precision Sharp.

Precision Sharp, Co. is an authorized Wahl service center and Certified for Shark Fin, Les Poochs + many others for over 25 years.

Call Toll Free (888) 742-7745 for current product and service pricing.


Estimated payment required with shipment. Shipments without estimated payment will be delayed until estimated payment is received. Shipping and handling will be added based on weight and optional insurance value, minimum $8.00. Insurance will not be added unless specified. For tracking purposes we do not ship U.S.P.S. first class. PA residents add 6% sales tax (tax added to total including shipping). We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. WE DO NOT ACCEPT OR SHIP C.O.D.